Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions (Last update: September, 2014)

French Visa:

I don't have any Visa yet. Is this necessary?
Not necessary for the application process. It will be required if your application is accepted. Note that all students who are originate from these countries have to register on the Campus France web site.

Personal Project:

What is the document “Project description”?
The personal project describes your target for your professional career: academic research, research in company... In other words, why do you want to follow this programme.

How long should be the “Project description”?
½ to 1 page.

What is the difference between "Project description" and "Cover Letter"?
The project description explains the subject in which you are most interested, for instance the subject that you would like to choose for the Master thesis.The Cover Letter of motivation contains the reason(s) why you would attend the master (e.g., you want to do research in the field, you want to find a job in the field, you think this master will allow you to find a more interesting job, ...)

The Cover letter explains the reason(s) why you would attend the master (e.g., you want to do research in the field, you want to find a job in the field you think this master will help you to find a more interesting job, ...).

Academic Qualification:

In some countries the bachelor involves a principal subject (for instance "Informatics") and an accessory one (for instance "Biology"). If you do not have this distinction, put the same field in both slots.


Is it possible to upload copies of two university degrees through the online system?
You can upload every document you think should help your application.

I don't have yet the certificate of my bachelor since the ceremony is still to take place. How can I solve the problem concerning the required certificate?
If you have a provisional degree certificate which is an official one, you can upload it.

University education and marks obtained:

What do you mean by document “University education and marks obtained”?
It means the Degree certificate and Transcript.

What is the difference between “University education and marks obtained” and “Certified English translation of transcripts”?
The translation is required if the transcripts are not in English.

What is the difference between "University education and marks obtained", "Certified copy of official first university degree" and and "Certified English translation of transcripts"?
You must have a certified document stating that you obtained the degree and an official document which reports the exams passed and the marks obtained. You may upload the same documents in both slots, if the original are in English. You need a translation only if your university provide the above documents in national language.

Knowledge already acquired concerning the Master’s content:

What do you mean by document “Knowledge already acquired concerning the Master's content"

Please provide a list of courses, which you attended, that are related to the Master’s subjects (see the Syllabus)

“Syllabus or description of the courses taken in computer science” is one of the required documents.

This document should include a short description of each course, describing what courses you have followed.

Recommendation letter:

Is there any form to be filled by my referees?

Please enter the emails of your referees. Then they will receive by email a link to the form they have to fill in on the website.

Who can be the referees?

The referees can be a professor from the university, or a Project manager,…

Upload options:

Which is the maximum size for uploading documents?

4Mo / document

Translation of transcript:

Certified English translation of transcripts is a must document. But my university transcript is already in English. So should I upload that one?

No, you don’t.

English level:

My education in school as well and university has been in English totally, I am very good and fluent in English, I had good scores in my English Exams. Will I be exempted from providing TOEFL scores?

You have just to prove that your studies were in English. You may upload a letter from the university that declare so, or upload a link to a page describing the course you have taken, from which it clearly appears that the courses were in English.

What about the document to upload providing the English test results if English is my mother language and /or if I did my studies in English?

For candidates whose mother language is English or who did their studies in English, please upload an official certificate or a sworn statement (explaining your case).

If I am graduated from non-native English country, but my bachelor degree was taught in English, do I need to send a TOEFL test or other English proficiency ?

No, you don’t.

What is the minimum score of IELTS do you required?

I have a 6.5 IELTS score to prove my English proficiency. Is this enough to meet the language criteria?

I have IELTS. Do I need to attest it and then upload?

Can I use score of TOEFL IBT (Internet Based Test)?

Can I use score of TOEFL ITP (Institutional Testing Program) instead of TOEFL International?

For all these questions, please see all details on:

What is the DMKM TOEFL reporting code in order that ETS sends you an official result?

The code of University of Lyon 2 is: 6537.

Do I need to enter another code on the ETS online form?         


No. The  MC in DMKM, which runs over 2 years, delivers a diploma which is both M1 & M2 (undergraduate & graduate). But you start the first year as undergraduate, even if you are already graduate in an other university.Therefore, according to ETS Services, undergraduate students do not have to choose a department code when applying online.

I can provide my test score, but I didn't receive the score paper yet. Since the results are currently only available to me online, could I print the screen and upload it in the system?

Yes, you can provide the screenshot of the results available online (of course, it should mention your personal information like your name and so on) before March, 1st, 2011.

What about French language?

French language is not required. Nevertheless, one of the evaluation criteria assigns up to 2 points to knowledge of ANY language beside English and the mother language within partners' languages.


Does this program awards Erasmus Mundus scholarships? If yes then I want to apply for Erasmus Mundus scholarship only. I have no other means to support my master studies. In such case what should I do?

Erasmus Mundus scholarships are no more available for this Master Course. Nevertheless, 20 scholarships (amount equal to half of the tuition fees) will be awarded to the best candidates. You can fill the application form, specifying that you apply for a scholarship.

Required documents:

To whom (to which university) shall I send my documents?

All the documents must be uploaded on the application website.

All documents for application will be uploaded only via the Internet? Which means, I should scan all documents into electronic edition and send this digital documents to the DMKM consortium?

Yes, you have to upload all the documents during the application on the application website.

Are the flying ticket to come to France and visa application expenses covered by the scholarship?

Every student participating to the MC in DMKM course has to support his/her proper visa application expenses (usually about 60-80 €, exceptionally up to 200 €, according to the countries).

Calendar for application:

When will be the deadline for application?

If you apply to the MC in DMKM with a scholarship, deadline is::

  • For both European & Non European Students: February 1st, 2015 at 12:00 (GMT+2:00)

If you apply to the MC in DMKM as a fee paying student, deadlines are:

  • April, 15th, 2015 for Non-European Students from Third Countries
  • June, 15th, 2015 for Students from E.E.E.

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